Plans and goals, #1

25 Dec

On average, about half of your to-do list gets achieved.

I always see this as an opportunity in waiting. Add “Cure cancer”, “achieve world peace”, and “transmute lead to gold in an energy-efficient way” to a 3-item list, and either you’ll change the world or you’ll get the rest of the list done.

Currently, I keep a long list of GTD-style “next actions” from a long project list, which might get done opportunistically, and a short list of things to focus on in the next few days.

The long list lives in an Emacs ORG-MODE file, and the short lists are always on nearby pieces of paper. Sometimes they get archived to track what happened when,  and sometimes they just recycle naturally…

Premature New Years resolution.

24 Dec

Every year I do that thing of thinking about some kind of New Years Resolution. And most times my hangover precludes it.

Occasionally I try and avoid the hangover so I can try and start the resolution. Very occasionally that works, too.

So this year I thought I’d try something different – start the resolution a week early. Hence this site. 🙂