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Fixing tethering on a ZTE Tureis on Orange

14 Jan

This is just a post for reference in case anyone else runs into the problem:


Android phone running 2.3.5, wireless or usb tethering connects to the computer but doesn’t connect to the net. As soon as you select tethering, the “3G” icon on the phone disappears. Turning tethering off causes it to reappear


Add an APN. Thanks to this post I got the idea it might be APN related. Thanks to this post I got the correct details for the APN:

Create a New APN. Set the following (with capitals but no “”)

Name “Consumer Broadband”
APN “orangeinternet”
Username “Orange”
Password “Multimedia”
Authentication “CHAP”
APN TYPE “dun”

Then select this new APN and continue.

Marvellous – thanks, Internet.



mod_rewrite is my friend

28 Dec

Picture the scenario: your  website, cultivated over a decade, with deep links from the dawn of internet time, has just moved to something like… wordpress.

All those deep links, from people you can’t find anymore, to your site just broke.

This is the time to reach for the magic that is mod_rewrite.

You may already have some of these lines. Add the other ones in context.

To the .htaccess file at the top of the website, add:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RedirectMatch 301 ^/ancient_url.html http://your_website_address/new_relevant_page/